Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. (PRMI) The LPK Group

Millions of American's dream of owning a home, raising a family, and even running their own business. Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. knows a little bit about those dreams.
We opened our doors for business back in 1998 specializing in home mortgage loans and mortgage refinancing.
Operating out of a small executive suite with a handful of employees, our first year we closed 321 mortgages for $35 million. Like many entrepreneurs just starting out, we weren't sure where the road would lead, but we were passionate about our work.
Fast-forward more than 10 years later:
  • Primary Residential Mortgage now has a nationwide family of employees numbering more than 1800 strong.
  • Our corporate office is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and employs over 150 local team members.
  • We have more than 244 branches across the country.
  • We are licensed to do business in 49 states.
The LPK Group is locally owned by Mike Prestigiacomo and Jason Kemelgor both natives of the Kentuckiana area.  Mike grew up in Louisville and went to Trinity high school while Jason graduated from Floyd Central right here in Southern Indiana.  Mike and Jason take great pride in developing lasting relationships with those they come into contact with.  It is not the business that makes things happen... it's the people you do business with internally, and externally that matter the most and make the most significant impact.

Louisville's Prestigiacomo & Kemelgor Group LPK Group

Local ownership by Mike Prestigiacomo and Jason Kemelgor gives you that local feel and connection that stands the test of time. 
We pride ourselves on relationships and four simple yet effective cornerstones:
  • Communication
  • Education
  • Service
  • Effort

It is with Effort that we can provide a Service.  That service has Education and Communication at the forefront of everything we do.

Louisville's Prestigiacomo, Kemelgor Group
                    "LPK Group"
Mike Prestigiacomo, Branch Partner
Jason Kemelgor, Branch Partner